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Spectreman ep1
"The Uncommon enemy"
Japanese title Gori Targets the Earth (ゴリ・地球を狙う!,   Gori, Chikyu o Nerau !?)
Series Spectreman
Episode # 1

"The Uncommon enemy" is the first episode of Spectreman.

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The Overlord calls George for an emergency in the Fuji sea region and tells him that he must not reveal his identity, Spectreman, to anyone on the planet. The Overlord asks George if he's ready, Geroge raises his right hands, says "Ready!", starts glowing yellow and releases a pink shockwave from his body.

The world is in a huge problem with pollution, as soon land, sea and air might lose the ability to support life of any kind.

George enters the office of the Anti-Pollution Agency and choses to work there. George looks at his watch, says "It's about to start" and tells the chief that a disaster will break out soon, so that's why he joined the agency. A phone rings, George picks it up and gives it to the chief. The man who called the Anti-Pollution Agency tells that they can not breath there, as the air is getting polluted more and more. The agency enters their car, the chief asks for George to come with them, but he enters the car from the roof.

A mysterious flying saucer is circling around Mt. Fuji. The Ape-men, Dr. Gori and Karas, are controlling the ship. Gori wants to conquer the Earth and presumably destroy the human race.

A group of kids sees a white light in the polluted water. The kids come closer to see what is it, and the light becomes red. Hedoron later rose from the water, releasing red and black mists and scaring the people. Hedoron starts destroying everything in its path.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Pollution Agency is stuck in traffic. The chief notices the sky above the Fuji area is all red. They went off road, but one wheel of their car got stuck. They were pushing the car, and they noticed that George is missing. George, running through tall grass, gets a call from the Overlord. The Overlord informs George about Hedoron, and the monster is now procceeding towards Mt. Fuji. He also informs George about the monster being able to release a highly corrosive and deadly gas. The Overlord transforms George into Spectreman to fight the giant pollution monster, Hedoron. Gori and Karas notice Spectreman flying towards their monster, and Gori realizes it is a creature from another world. Gori tells Karas to use the raygun to kill the intruder, but then tells him to wait, they'll see what Spectreman is intending to do, if he hurts Hedoron they'll shoot. Spectreman is flying around Hedoron, as Dr. Gori tells Karas to shoot the raygun, wounding both Hedoron and Spectreman.

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