Nezubirdon II (ネズバートン II Nezubāton II) is revived Nezubirdon that appeared in episode 27 of Spectreman.

Powers/Weapons Edit

  • Infection: Like most rats, Nezubirdon carries on its mutated body and saliva, powerful diseases that can cause server illness to any living creature.
  • Regeneration: This behemoth is able to regrow heads in place of previsions ones that had been blown off or cut off.
  • Animation: As unlikely as it seems, even when severed, Nezubirdon’s heads still retain some life and can attack. Even the body still possesses enough energy to continue on it its fight.
  • Coiling Tail: Nezubirdon’s tail can be used for clubbing strikes, or as a tangling rope with which to strangle its opponent.

History Edit

Nezubirdon Reappears in episode 27.

Later Dr. Gori Revived Nezubirdon, Mogunetudon, Gokinosaurus, Baronsaurus, Satan King and sent Mogz to test their new experiment: Silver Robo. While Mogunetudon and Silver Robo were fighting Nezubirdon was tempted to eat Jouji, Arito and Mineko. But suddenly Silver Robo attacks Nezubirodon In his back cutting the two heads. Jouji Becomes Spectreman and uses his Spectre-Flash exploding Nezubirdon Body and Heads

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