(Hedoron,   ヘドロン,?, Hedoron) is a kaiju that appears in Spectreman.

Subtitle: (Sludge Monster,   ヘドロ怪獣,?, Hedoro Kaijū)


  • Episode 1: Gori Targets the Earth
  • Episode 2: Destroy the Pollution Monster Hedoron!


  • Corrosive Mist: From the tips of its tentacles and its mouth, Hedoron can emit a corrosive yellow mist that can melt human flesh and corrode structures to the point of collapsing.
  • Tentacles: Hedoron is armed with numerous, constricting tentacles surrounding its head.


Arriving on Earth, Dr. Gori discovered the planet was suitable for invasion. However, humanity was running amok with its pollution. With the planet threatened by the vast toxins in the oceans and smog in the air, he molded a creature from the garbage overflowing in Tokyo. The result was Hedoron, a toxic monster of filth. After it demolished an oil refinery, Spectreman’s overlords allowed the mortal to transform into the robotic warrior. Unfortunately, the hero did not go unnoticed. While flying around the colossal creature, he was hit by a ray of energy from Dr. Gori’s saucer. The titan was shot down, grazing the pollution monster with the flames covering his body. With the toxic thing injured, Dr. Gori recalled it and made it a new. Unleashed not long after, the monster began to ravage Japan again. Granted permission to transform again, Spectreman challenged the bizarre thing for a second time. With a combination of his Spectre-Flash and flying directly through the living mountain of sludge, Spectreman destroyed the beast with ease.

Trivia Edit

  • Hedoron roar is a modified roar of the Toho Monster, Kamacuras.
  • Hedoron's name is very similar to the Toho monster, Hedorah. This is interesting, as both are pollution-based monsters.

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