Baronsaurus was a kaiju that appeared in Spectreman episodes 23, 24 and 27.

Subtitle: Restraint Monster (リモコン怪獣 - Kōsoku kaijū)

Powers/Weapons Edit

  • Suspending Ray: Baronsaurus can launch a red ray from his mouth. This ray will instantly cause whatever it makes contact with to freeze.

History Edit

Spectreman Episode 23 Edit

Baronsaurus was originally a drawing created by a boy who was injured in a hit and run accident. Dr. Gori then created the monster to influence the boy's doll monster Kuruma to join his side. He first appeared rising out of the ground where Kuruma was. The two fought but, was outmatched due ti Kuruma's teleportation abilities which caused him to fall onto several bridges. Soon after the monster assaulted by a barrage of army tanks and jets (a scene foreshadowed at the beginning of the episode in the boys mind while drawing said monster). Baronsaurus though, then gained control of the situation throwing tanks and using his suspending rays to destroy the jets. Spectreman eventually joined the fray but, soon both monster and now Kuruma who was convinced that the monster was his friend were both teleported to his ship.

Spectreman Episode 24 Edit


Baronsaurus II

Baronsaurus in Gori's ship lead Kuruma to a separate room were he was to mind controlled but, the plan fails and the doll teleports away. Later the monster was summoned again but, this time met opposition by Kuruma and the two began to fight. Kuruma soon starts to lose to the monster before Spectreman arrived to stop the monster. Both seemed evenly matched until Baronsaurus gained the upper hand and tried to throw a building at Spectreman. However, Kuruma caught the building and launched it back at him. Stunned from the hit, Spectreman used this opportunity to use the Spectre-Flash and blast a hole through the monster's body, killing him.

Spectreman Episode 27. Edit

Baronsaurus was revived along with the likes of Satan King, Gokinosaurus, Mogz, Nezubirdon and Mogunetudon to test out Gori's new cyborg. Satan King and Baronsaurus engaged in combat first, however, Satan King was killed when it chose to fight Baronsaurus. After knocking down Baronsaurus, Satan King lept at the fallen saurian, only to be impaled by one of the dinosaur's tusks. Later, Baronsaurus engaged Gokinosaurus in combat, Baronsaurus was thrown down a mountain, and Gokinosaurus flew off, only to be destroyed by Silver Robo. After Gokinosaurus was defeated, Baronsaurus fought Silver Robo, but his punches and attempts to beat him up had no effect, as Silver Robo stood there letting him punch him, Silver Robo then grabbed the kaiju

and tossed him at Mogunetudon, Mogunetudon was frightened and shot his fire breath at Baronsaurus, killing him.

Gallery Edit

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